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Every business Jet Pilot knows you cannot put anything better in sky than Falcon Jet!
Marcel Dassault, who devoted his life to aviation and always had an interest in building civilian aircraft, believed that an aircraft should not only perform well but should look elegant. “One of the golden rules in aviation is that high performance always pays off,” said Dassault who’s also known to have stated, “If an aircraft looks good it will fly well.” To view the story click here.

Dassault Aviation SA and Falcon Jet Operations Pty Ltd are proud to announce their recent partnership as whereby Falcon Jet Operations Pty Ltd will be representing, promoting and demonstrating all the Pre-owned fleet offered by Dassault-Falcon France. A major aspect of that representation will be showcasing the Dassault pre-owned fleet through our Falcon plane to potential client interested in acquiring a business jet for their own use.

In our model, you will purchase a pre-owned aircraft just as you would buy a new one, being supported technically and assisted by the whole manufacturer network until full completion of the acquisition, and still taking advantage of the very appealing price of a pre-owned aircraft.

Most of our products are selected trade-in aircrafts from our regular customers wanting to upgrade their fleet or from the Dassault aircrafts which are used for Demos and Executives transports. In both cases, those aircrafts are absolutely spotless and will bring to our clients a total satisfaction and the privilege to enter the Dassault world of aircrafts engineered to perfection and designed with passion.

Our strong partnership with Dassault will bring you all the security, expertise and competency built by hundreds of people over the last 60 years.

Acquiring a Business Jet is usually a complex and time consuming exercise. It also can be quite deceiving if the proper steps are not carefully followed during the acquisition process. We aim to provide you a full package which will take away from you all the challenging aspects of such a process. Our package will include a “ready to go” aircraft, which is properly crewed, maintained, parked, and operated by a professional team. The owner will also have the choice to offset some of the operating cost of their business jet by joining our charter operation when their aircraft is not privately used.

Outlined below are all the steps between your first temptations to acquire your own business jet to the day where you will actually hop onboard.

Step 1: Aircraft Type selection
This is the most critical step as it is the area where the deception is likely to occur and the main reason why there are so many aircrafts for sale on the market. Our team will meticulously address your entire list of requirements and a full case study will be conducted with your inputs to evaluate your actual needs and match them with the best type of aircraft. That will include a complete assessment of your travel needs, budget, operational range, flights frequency, seats requirement and your frequent destinations.

Step 2: Finding the right plane (the Serial Number)
Here we will do the hard work to research the type of aircraft available on the market currently through Dassault’s pre-owned fleet or even outside through our industry link to source a plane matching your needs. We shall then present you some buying options and go through them with you until whereby you can confidently pick the plane to buy. At this stage an actual personal inspection can be arranged whereby you can inspect your potential purchase. It is strongly recommended that you have a member of our team accompany you on such an inspection. A series of subsequent inspections might be needed before a final decision can be made by you.

Step 3: Contact with the Dassault sales team
We will formally contact the Dassault sales team, who are in charge of the legal and technical documents we would need to provide in order to proceed for a sale. We shall continue to assist you and oversee the sale until it is formalized. When all the sales details will have been sorted, a refundable deposit will be put onto an escrow account.

Step 4: Pre-purchase Inspection (PPI)
This is a purely technical stage and will be undertaken by an independent contractor to assess the technical specifications of the aircraft and to inspect for any defects and maintenance issues.
All our aircraft are under the Dassault Aviation governance and control and it is quite unlikely that any defects that would arise have not already been addressed by our Team. Nevertheless we would still incite our client to conduct a PPI so that any doubts or outstanding issues might be resolved quickly.

Step 4: Delivery of your Aircraft
This is will be definitely the nicest stage for our client and will cover the actual transfer of plane ownership, sometimes a change of registration, and finally an acceptance flight. The client still has the choice to stop the whole process if it does not meet their satisfaction at any of these stages. In such a case the total deposit would be refunded and the client would only be charged for the PPI.

For more information on any aspect of aircraft sales or on any of the listed aircrafts, please feel free to contact us.

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