FJO New Venture

FJO is proud to announce a new venture with the French aircraft manufacturer, Dassault, S.A. whereby FJO will be their physical presence in Oceania to promote, showcase and demonstrate the Falcon-Dassault pre-owned fleet of private jets.

After having remained regrettably absent from the radars of the Oceania region (Australia, New Zealand, SE Asia) for the last couple of years, Dassault Aviation has decided to set foot again in this region and to offer its latest fleet of pre-owned business Jets to the regional market. To view pre-owned jets click here.

These planes are mainly trade-in from already existing Dassault customers who decided to upgrade their company planes to the latest models being offered by Dassault.
During many years, Dassault was the preferred aircraft supplier of the Australian Government and the RAAF “Squadron No.34” was operating five “state of the art” Falcon 900 as shown below. Most of them are still flying in Europe.

FJO business model is based on a unique “turn on key” concept where each potential aircraft buyer will be able to access the pre-owned aircrafts selected by our Team in collaboration with the Dassault technical team, with similar security and guarantee that he would get when purchasing a new aircraft. There is nothing like dealing directly with the manufacturer and the FJO team will be here to assist you throughout the entire purchasing process. We will provide you with the best aircraft matching your requirements and take away from you all the challenging aspects involved in buying pre-owned plane.

Depending on our clients’ needs, our package will include a “ready to go” aircraft, which is properly financed, insured, crewed, maintained, parked, and operated by a professional team. The owner will also have the choice to offset some of the operating cost of their business jet by joining our charter operation when their aircraft is not being used for private trips. We also offer our client the option to deal with our privileged partners so the whole business jet acquisition process flows smoothly and our clients’ only deal with impeccable professionals at all times.



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